Emma C. Berry Ship Model

Emma Ship Model

Model Information:

Ship Model No.: GSW030
Ship Launched: Year 1815
Scale: 1:50
Dimension: 920mm Long x 660mm High x 160mm Wide


About Emma C. Berry – Historical Significance

Emma C. Berry was built in Noank, CT. in 1866 as a well smack. A watertight structure inside the hull allowed fresh seawater to circulate, keeping the catch alive as it was transported from the fishing grounds to market.

In 1890, she was sold to Maine fishing interests and abandoned 30 years later. She worked as a coaster for a short time, but was out of service again in 1931. The Marine Historical Museum in Mystic, CT. acquired her in 1969, and spent several years restoring her. Model Shipways’ kit is based on drawings and documentation provided by Mystic Seaport.

Emma Ship ModelEmma Ship Model