The Enterprise Ship Model

The Enterprise Ship

Model Information:

Ship Model No.: GSW020
Ship Launched: Year 1799
Scale: 1:50
Dimension: 816mm Long x 694mm Wide


About the Enterprise – Historical Significance

At the end of the 18th century the U.S. Navy had only the schooner ENTERPRISE as the only war vessel to protect the merchant fleet from the pirates in the mediterranean sea.

Enterprise Ship Model The Enterprise was built in Mayland in 1799 and participated in the siege of Tripoli in 1801. She underwent major repair work in Venice in 1805, and Washington in 1811 where the rig was changed to berg.

Enterprise and Constitution captured the pirate ship MATISCO, and in 1813 captured the English berg BOXER.

She was sunk in the West Indies in 1823.
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