Santa Maria Ship Model

Santa Maria Ship Model

Model Information:

Ship Model No.: GSW130
Ship Launched: Year 1492
Scale: 1:50
Dimension: 780mm Long x 360mm Wide x 560mm High


About Santa Maria – Historical Significance

Santa Maria Ship Model

The SANTA MARIA was one of the three ships which left the port of Palos on the 3rd of August 1492 with Christopher Columbus on board. He was planning to sail to the Indies.

He died when he thought he had reached his goal.

His contemporaries didn’t figure out that he had discovered America. It is impossible to find any plans nor detailed representations of this ship for the only reason that shipbuilders, until the 17th Century; they didn’t use groundworks to realize their models.

Santa Maria Ship Model

Nevertheless, we know this vessel was a “NAO” and that both others were “CARAVELLE” type.

We may suppose that SANTA MARIA had great red crosses painted on its squared sail according to the custom of Spanish and Portuguese ships at that time.

In America, a SANTA MARIA model was manufactured in 1963 and then another one in 1976. They both wrecked in the Mississippi river.

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